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Roy Municipal Schools District

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Roy Board of Education meets monthly on the 3rd Wednesday at 6:30 pm in the Board Room.  See Board Notices/Agendas for additional information


July 15, 2020

Roy Schools Reentry Parents,



              July 15 2020

As we prepare to begin another school year, we will have to make some changes to create a    safe learning environment for our students and staff at Roy Municipal Schools. To help reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19, we will take all reasonable  measures to provide a clean and   safe facility while providing a high-quality face-to-face education. These measures include providing all students and staff with a facemask, buying misters to keep surfaces germ free,    and  using spacing guidelines  where reasonable.

We are currently able to open our building for face to face operations at 50% capacity or using the social distancing guidelines. Roy schools can reasonably do both with an open facility. I    feel that it is in the best interest of our students to keep Covid-19 from intruding on their     school experience as much as possible. While we will be implementing some protocols like temperature checks, social distancing, and regular handwashing and sanitization breaks, our student's  mental  wellbeing  is my primary concern. Our students at Roy Municipal  Schools  will continue to have recess, eat lunch with other students in the cafeteria with spacing guidelines,  and see other students in the  hallways.

I am asking for your help in preparing our students to adjust to the changes we will make     when our school reopens on our scheduled date of August 12th,2020. Please begin to have discussions with your student about the changes that will be made to their school environment and  how to respect others choices in dealing with  Covid-19.

Roy Schools Plans

  1. Provide regular handwashing and sanitationopportunitiesfor students.
  2. Take reasonableprecautionswithout sacrificing social-emotion wellbeing!

Roy Schools will:

  1. Use the reentry guidelines to help us safely return our students to the most effective educationalsetting.
  2. Assist in making rapid response testing available to staff.
  3. Make reasonable attempts to ensure social distancing protocols areused.
  4. Avoid large group gathering whenpossible.
  6. Create protocols to screen staff
  7. Create a safe transportation environmentfor students andstaff.
  8. Make meals available for students.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at 575-485-2242 or Sincerely,

Kamau Turner Superintendent

Roy Municipal Schools


Superintendents and charter school leaders must complete this packet and submit to the New Mexico Public Education Department by July 15, 2020. The packet contains the following items:

  2. Plan for Prioritizing Additional InstructionalTime
  3. Local Plan for RemoteLearning


Kat ari na.Sa ndoval@st at .

To access Reentry guidance documents and resources, visit the PED website   at

htt ps:lj we bne ree nt ry-dist rict-a nd-school- guida nce/

Date: 06/29/2020

School District/State Charter Name: Roy Municipal Schools Name of Person Completing Assurances: Kamau  Turner

Contact Phone Number: 575-485-2242 Contact Email:

District/State Charter (LEA) identified/named as Roy Municipal Schools hereby assures the New Mexico Public Education Department that:

  1. the LEA will follow the requirements for Reentry for the 2020-2021 school year;and
  2. the LEA will continue to enroll all new students according to state statute and the local district/state charter enrollment policies and provide an education plan for all new students for the duration of the 2020-21 school year regardless of status of instructional model;and
  3. the LEA will develop and submita Remote Learning Plan forall students, Pre-K through

12th grade for the 2020-21 school year by July 15, 2020; OR

  1. the LEA will choose to make up potential lost instructional hours in-person should physicalschoolclosureberequired.

Kamau Turner

Blair Clavel


Superintendent/Charter  Leader



School Board President




Please print signature or sign electronically


Statutory requirements authorized by the Legislature during the June 2020 special session require districts and charter schools to prioritize additional instructional time for all students in the 2020-2021 school year to recover instructional time that was lost to  students in the 2019-2020 school year due to  the public health  emergency.

Districts and charter schools should'participate in the Extended Learning Time Program for all students, which will be funded appropriately through the SEG:

Another option to prioritize additional instructional time is to participate in the KS+ program for all of your elementary schools district-wide, which you can stack with the Extended Learning Time Program so that each of the 205 instructional days are at least 5.8 hours long (what if there is remote learning - will PED be auditing what constitutes 5.8 hours?). Again, these programs will be funded appropriately through the SEG. Programs will be funded based on the following prioritizati ons: 1) district wide approaches, 2) entire elementary approaches, and finally, 3) populations with high numbers of free-reduced lunch.

Please select the following way(s) your district/charter will provide additional instructional hours to recover loss of instructional time during the 2019-2020 school year; please submit your updated district or charter school calendar with this packet.


Date 6/29/2020                    District/State Charter Name Roy Municipal Schools


           (1) ten additional instructional days beyond the number of regular instructional days provided in the 2018-2019 school year provided to all students district-wide;

            (2) all elementary schools district-wide will participate in the KS+ program, which will provide 205 instructional days for the 2020-2021 school year;


_X_       (3) Our district/charter will not participate in the Extended  Learning Time Program or KS+  Program district­ wide for 2020-21 school year. Instead, we will recover  lost instructional time in the following way. Please add    any supporting documents as appropriate. Please note that this information will be shared with the Legislative Education Study Committee as well as with the Legislative Finance Committee.

Roy Schools continued to provide quality education and instruction though school campus closure for all core classes. Our non-core class requirements were served through our students documented demonstration during daily activities at home. For example, a student in Ag class would document their daily care of their sheep, or chores on the ranch while helping to move cattle or fix a water well. Our instructional time was modified to a different delivery method but was meaningful instruction. In the event we will need to revert back to this method of education we will follow that plan again. Roy Schools will use social distancing and take all reasonable safety precautions to implement our four-day school calendar following the Hybrid Model. This will mitigate any hardships that a modified schedule would cause our community and families. Ranching families have very specific timeframes where students are needed to help with work that is the family's main livelihood. This is a very important factor in why Roy Municipal Schools has built the school calendar as it is currently built. Adjustment to that calendar could mean a significant drop in student attendance and enrollment for our small school. With our current calendar students at Roy Schools would have 27 more days of in person instruction by the start of October than a student in a 5 day week school that does an A and B group each week. Roy Schools believes that we can once again provide one of the best educations in New Mexico with the plan that we have in place, as past testing data has shown. We also understand that it is in the best interest of our students, school, families and community to keep our school calendar in place.

Plan for Prioritizing Additional Instructional Time Signature Line

Kamau Turner                                                                                     07/15/2020

Superintendent/Charter Leader Signature                                                     Date




Date 07/15/2020

District/State Charter Name Roy Municipal Schools

Districts and Charters May Choose Option A (implementing a robust remote learning plan when necessary or Option B (adding in-person days to the calendar to make up for any time lost due to health-related closures) Below.

A robust remote learning plan will ensure that the vast majority of students, and preferably all students, have access to an online learning program, a digital devices and, in-home or readily accessible internet connectivity. In addition, students will have regular and direct access to their teachers for instruction,  feedback, and questions.

Option A-- Local Plan for Remote  Learning

Remote Learning Plan:  High School Seniors' Graduation  Requirements

How are you ensuring credit requirements  will continue to  be met in a remote learning   environment?

Roy Schools will continue to have students complete all required coursework and receive instruction remotely as a requirement. Students will be required to earn the full credits required to graduate.

Describe the local demonstrations of competency options that will be used for seniors who still need to meet competency requirements in one or more subject areas (PPT presentations, virtual or physical projects, on the job experiences, community services, virtual presentations, local portfolios, etc.).

Students will be required to meet all local demonstrations of competency including, EOC or alternate test for ADC   if availa ble.

Please describe your plan to ensure graduation and completion of Next Steps Plans for seniors in a remote learning environment.

Seniors will have Next Step Plan completed with counselor and administrator. Next Step Plan Progress will be an emphasis during students weekly wellness check phone calls or Zoom.

Remote Learning Plan: Pre-K through 12th  Grade

Please describe how you will support remote learning for Pre-K through 121    grade students.  Include how you   will attend to: grading, attendance, ensuring student engagement and participation, and using high quality instructional  materials .

In case of remote learning: Grading will be done on the A-F Scale as outlined in our School Handbook. Attendance will be taken daily by presence on Zoom. Students will be required to be engaged and participate using high quality instructional material just as they would in a face to  face  setting.

What technology support will be available for families and teachers?

We have tech support in layers beginning with the classroom teacher and progressing to our tech director at Roy Schools. All students K-12 will receive their laptop or Ipad to use at home if remote learning is  necessary.

How will you ensure that all students have adequate access to  devices and the internet?

All students will receive a device from the school to use at home. All students have internet access currently. How will you continue to provide MLSS/ RTI and SAT services in a remote learning environment?

We will provide those services through Zoom meetings with the appropriate professionals. There is also a need for Face to Face meetings in some cases, where we will open the school and have those meetings.

How will you continue to provide special education services in a remote learning environment?

Special Education supports will be offered both online and in person within reasonable accommodations. How will you continue to  provide bilingual education in a remote learning   environment?

Not Applicable

How will you support continued, remote instruction for dual enrollment courses?

Students will continue with their online dual credit classes, as these were set up to work in this manner.

Please describe measures you will take to support at -risk students, Native American students, and students served under Title Programs (EL, Migrant, homeless etc.) .

We will continue to provide the auxiliary services in whatever capacity our service providers can manage. If teletherapy is needed we will be able to provide that at the school site.

How will educators/staff check-in with students? How frequently? For how long?

Our preferred method of check in is by phone, but teachers have the flexibility to use skype or zoom as well. They will contact each student once a week.

Please describe your plan for Career and Technical Educati on.

Students will document their CTE activities that they participate in while working during their daily lives. Our students get plenty of these experiences with their everyday ranch duties.

Please describe your plan to address electives/specials and extracurricular activities.

This will be addressed through packet work, documentation, or online where applicable. Our electives still have deadlines and work that needs to done throughout the year.

Social and Emotional Supports

How will you create and implement frameworks for social and emotional support, including adopting school-wide curriculum, partnering with community organizations and, and training teachers, educational assistants,  counselors, social workers, and other appropriate staff and/or volunteers to provide regular social and emotional support and to  recognize trauma and provide trauma support to   students?

Our students will have their social emotional needs supported on a daily basis using the framework created and outlined in our current school policies. All required trainings for staff will be a continuing expectation and may need to  be fulfilled through  online trainings.

How will you support all students' social and emotional  needs?

Through student check ins by teachers and providing the services that are already in place and emphasizing to staff that there may be more students in need of receiving services. There is a referral protocol for referring students     for services.

How will you ensure continued mandatory reporting and wellness checks?

Through professional development in the area of social-emotional well-being for all staff to help them identify signs of students with needs.

Family & Community  Communication

How will you keep families informed about changing  circumstances?

We will use our school wide call system to inform parents of any changes to our normal school  procedures.

How will you support families and caregivers as they facilitate learning and the social-emotional needs of students at home?

By keeping in touch with them and offering our help when needed in addition to other resources outside of the school system that are available to them. We will have teachers available to assist them with a minimum telephone or email "office hours".

How will you ensure families and students are supported in multiple, appropriate languages? Not Applicable

How will you collaborate with childcare providers to support families' access to   childcare?

Childcare providers can use the school as a source of information .


Please include any other relevant information or documents related to your Remote Learning   Plan

Option B --  No  Remote Learning Plan

If a school district or state charter either cannot provide or chooses not to provide a robust remote learning plan, the school district or state charter will instead make up for instructional hours lost during periods of school closure by adding school days to the academic calendar to allow for in-person instruction. Please fully describe your plan for creating and implementing Option B below.

Roy Schools will offer Face to Face Learning with social distancing and other reasonable health precautions. Roy Schools also has a remote learning plan in advanced preparation for possible school site closures. We feel that continuing learning consistently is best for our students even if it is not in the most efficient and effective manner which is Face to Face.

Local Plan for Remote Learning Signature Line

Kamau Turner                                                                                     07/15/2020

Superintendent/Charter Leader Signature                                                     Date


Please print signature or sign electronically