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Superintendent's Corner

As we prepare to begin another school year, we will have to make some changes to create a    safe learning environment for our students and staff at Roy Municipal Schools. To help reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19, we will take all reasonable measures to provide a clean and safe facility while providing high-quality face-to-face education. These measures include providing all students and staff with a facemask, buying misters to keep surfaces germ-free, and using spacing guidelines where reasonable.

We are currently able to open our building for face-to-face operations at 50% capacity or using the social distancing guidelines. Roy schools can reasonably do both with an open facility. I    feel that it is in the best interest of our students to keep Covid-19 from intruding on their school experience as much as possible. While we will be implementing some protocols like temperature checks, social distancing, and regular handwashing and sanitization breaks, our student's mental wellbeing is my primary concern. Our students at Roy Municipal  Schools will continue to have recess, eat lunch with other students in the cafeteria with spacing guidelines,  and see other students in the hallways.

I am asking for your help in preparing our students to adjust to the changes we will make when our school reopens on our scheduled date of August 12th,2020. Please begin to have discussions with your student about the changes that will be made to their school environment and how to respect other's choices in dealing with  Covid-19.

Roy Schools Plans

  1. Provide regular handwashing and sanitation opportunities for students.
  2. Take reasonable precautions without sacrificing social-emotion wellbeing!

Roy Schools will:

  1. Use the reentry guidelines to help us safely return our students to the most effective educational setting.
  2. Assist in making rapid response testing available to staff.
  3. Make reasonable attempts to ensure social distancing protocols are used.
  4. Avoid large group gatherings when possible.
  5. Provide students and staff with masks.
  6. Create protocols to screen staff
  7. Create a safe transportation environment for students and staff.
  8. Make meals available for students.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at 575-485-2242 or  For a full copy of the guideline, please contact the office at the number listed above.


Kamau Turner Superintendent

Roy Municipal Schools



Mr.  Kamau Turner
575.485.2242 ext 201