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Roy Municipal Schools District

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Physical Forms

Available in

Central Office

Monday - Thursday

7am  - 1 pm




Football Coach



Superintendent Turner



2020/2021 SUPPLY LISTS

needed for 1st day of school

Pre-K                                                                                       Kinder/1st Grade

3 Lg Glue Sticks                                                           Scissors

1 box Quart size reclosable bags                             Crayola Mini Twistable Crayons 24 pk

1 box Gallon size reclosable bags                            1 Lg Pkg #2 Pencils - plain

2 containers hand wipes (or refills)                          Washable Broad Line Crayola Classic Markers

2 cans Lysol Spray                                                       2 boxes Facial Tissues

2 pkgs Baby Wipes                                                      1 box 2 Gallon Ziplock bags (Kinder only)

2 containers Disinfectant wipes                                1 box Snack Size Ziplock bags (1st grade Boys only)

Back Pack with student name on it                          1 box Gallon size Ziplock bags (1st grade Girls only)

1 spare change of clothes in Ziplock (labeled         1 pkg small Coffee Filters (1st grade only)

in case of accidents)                                                     1 can Disinfecting Spray (Kinder only)

Naptime/Quiet time smallish blanket or                   Pencil Cap Erasers

pillow, labeled)                                                               1 pkg 3x5 index cards (pk of 100)

Gym Shoes (labeled)                                                      Gym Shoes(kept at school)   (No

                                                                                           laces unless student can tie their own shoes.)


2nd/3rd Grades                                                                          4th Grade

Scissors                                                                              1 lg or 2 sm facial tissues

Crayola Mini Twistable Crayons 24 pk                           2 containers Antibacterial wipes

Washable Broad Line Crayola Classic Markers            1 bottle rubber cement

Colored Pencils                                                                  1- 3 Ring 1" Binder with clear view cover

1 Lg Pkg #2 Pencils  - plain                                               2 Magic Erasers (generic work too)

1 box facial tissues                                                            2 pair  Scissors that fit your hand

2 pkgs 3x5 index cards (pk of 100)                                1 pkg small Coffee Filters

1 pkg small Coffee Filters (2nd Grade Only)                 Small box plastic spoons

Small box plastic spoons(3rd grade only)                     Clean shoes for P.E.

1 can Disinfecting Spray (3rd grade only)                      Earphones for iPad

Headphones - over the ear only (no earbuds               I have plenty of other stuff to share

or wireless)

Gym Shoes to be left at school


5th/6th Grades

1 - 3 Ring Binder 1” with clearview cover

1 - pkg pencils

1 - pkg colored pencils

1 - pkg Expo markers

3 - spiral notebooks

1 - stick glue

1 - headphones (no wireless)

Gym Shoes to be left at school

1 - box of facial tissue

2 - containers Antibacterial wipes

1 - pkg coffee filters

1 - small box of plastic spoons

List available in the Central Office as well



The New Mexico Human Service Department has issued the first phase of the benefit of issuance to all student households on May 18th that are currently on SNAP benefits. The benefits went to approximately 87,500 student households for $313.40 for March, April, and May. The phases of P-EBT benefit issuance will be the following:
Phase 1- Issue Benefits to current SNAP EBT student households (May 18th)
Phase 2- Issue Benefits to current Medicaid student households (By the end of May)
Phase 3 and 4- Issue benefits via mailed P-EBT card to students that receive free and reduced meals that are NOT on SNAP EBT or Medicaid (Early June)
Please be patient as the benefits are forthcoming.